How to use Pinterest for your Nutritional Needs

In case you missed out on our Nutrition Fair in the AMU yesterday, here are some insider tips on how to use Pinterest that were written by our very own Wellness Committee member Beth Krey.

How I use Pinterest for my nutritional needs

If you have used the online tool Pinterest ( before, you are aware there are many, many, many tantalizing “pins” out there for practically anything you are interested in. From the kitchen related: How to pick a superstar watermelon! ( For the DIYer at heart: Build your own storage bins! ( To the fitness-challenged: Tank Top Arm Workout! ( I wanted to take a moment to share how I utilize Pinterest to best serve my mostly-healthy food cravings. I definitely use Pinterest for some other fun things like workout plans, craft ideas and decorating concepts – but I’ll stick to food and nutrition for this post.

At its core, Pinterest is a website that allows users to collect and organize things called “pins” onto “boards” of interest by linking an image to the source’s website. You can give your “pin” a description to help you and others know what it’s about or why you selected it. This “pin” becomes a live and interactive piece of Pinterest, which according to the website is its reason for existence – Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing the things that inspire you.

As a Pinterest user, you are able to connect with friends from Facebook and Twitter or invite others via email. Once you pin a link to something – your friends and everyone else who uses Pinterest can see it. This interactive component is a way to gain inspiration from others, search for new ideas and have a place to store links to things that interest you.

In a nutshell, I use Pinterest like I would a recipe box. I have created a board for each recipe area – such as “pizza”, “chicken”, “sandwiches”, etc. There are three ways I choose to look for and add pins to my Pinterest profile’s boards:

  1. Via Pinterest’s home feed which includes pins of my “friends” along with pins that are popular at that moment from anyone that is a member and uses Pinterest. This has been great for the not so healthy, but oh so delicious, decadent dessert ideas. I have also found great pins this way, including the “10 Top BBQ Ideas”.
  2. As I read blogs or explore websites, or even get links from friends, I will “pin” the interesting recipes into my category boards as I find them. This is a quick way for me to sort through recipes I’m interested in trying without having to find that email later or print out the recipe and store it somewhere.
  3. I have literally put my recipe box on Pinterest. All the past recipes that have been clipped and stored in a small container for years have been added to my boards if I can find the online version of the recipe. Even most recipes from the local newspaper have an online source. To me, the only paper-worthy recipes are those hand-me-downs from my mom and grandma. To be quite honest, I have even found many of these older family recipes online. I also take my physical magazines and rip out interesting recipes, only to add them to my Pinterest boards when I have a free moment and then recycle the ripped out pages.

Now that I’ve accumulated over 1,000 pins (mostly all recipes – and probably on the lower end of an average user’s number of pins), it’s very easy to find a specific recipe or search through my pins to located that pesto recipe I can’t remember the name of or ingredients to. This isn’t a sponsored post for the website, just an honest description of how a normal 30 year old mom keeps down clutter and makes life a little easier.

One word of caution regarding the MANY pins available to search through on the website, is to check out the source link before you re-pin to your personal boards. Sometimes the items that are referenced are not what is linked – or are not linked to the full description/directions you are looking for. Often pins go viral and everyone seems to be reposting the same thing – but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great recipe. Also, those bunny-shaped rolls aren’t always as easy to create as the picture makes it seem. But that delves into a new area: Pinterest-FAILS. Good luck using Pinterest to best suit your needs!

Beth Krey


Community Supported Agriculture Comes To Marquette

After our holiday about giving thanks and eating too much, moving on to our holiday where we love to make cookies and eat peppermint, let’s talk about food. But not for now, for next summer. It may seem early to start planning, but with this opportunity you may start drooling. Employee Wellness has set up a program you need to check out, if you like to eat, that is.

CSA is great for the community and environment, but even better for you. CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, are programs that produce fresh, organic food on local small farms that is delivered to you at your home or in this case at work! Employee Wellness has set up a program with Three Sisters Community Farm in Campbellsport, WI to bring their produce to campus weekly this coming summer season (June through October). Three Sisters has offered a 5% discount to Marquette Employees and any who sign up before December 31, 2013 will receive an additional 5% off! The CSA through Marquette Employee Wellness has 35 spots to those who register on the Three Sisters Website and select Marquette University for their drop off site (the discount was already taken off for you).

These programs are a great way to bring home fresh foods that have been untouched by chemicals and preservatives. This particular company has a U Pick option where you can log on to your online account and select the produce you want to be delivered to you each week from what they have available. This makes it easy for you to experiment with new things you want to try or load up on the fruits and veggies you know you love. In addition, they come out with a weekly newsletter that provides information on the farm, storage tips for each week’s produce, recipes, and ideas. Cutting down on the transit time of your food makes this an eco-friendly option with less gas used in transporting, energy in cooling and packaging, and chemicals in preserving before each vegetable reaches your plate. When we are eating foods that are known to be good for us we rarely think about the microscopic or unseen facets of that meal that might not be so good. By using CSA as a source for your produce, these detriments are no longer factors.

For more information on Three Sisters Community Farm visit their website. If you are interested in signing up with Employee Wellness please don’t hesitate! There are a very limited number of spots and we cannot be sure how fast they will go.

Happy Holidays!

Shannon Gambon

Wellness Intern Fall 2013

Healthier Holiday Desserts

During this time of year it takes heavy duty discipline to eat healthy when there are so many temptations around.  Especially if you have a sweet tooth (At Thanksgiving I believe my son ate a whole Graham Cracker Pie).
Just before Thanksgiving, Marquette’s Employee Wellness – Healthy Cooking Series demonstrated Healthier Holiday Desserts.  Usually, I do not care for tofu, but Chef James Melik demonstrated a Chocolate Tofu Silk Pie that was delicious and packed with protein
The following resources can help guide and allow you to indulge sensibly this holiday season with healthier versions of all your favorite pies, custards, cakes, and more… 
The Ultimate Guide to Healthier Baking [Infographic]
Healthy recipes: A guide to ingredient substitutions from Mayo Clinic
American Heart Association has recipes in their Nutrition Center
Healthy Holiday Desserts from the Food Network
The next Healthy Cooking Series demonstration is Wednesday January 22nd and will focus on seafood.  It will be held in the AMU 1st floor lobby from 3 p.m. – 4p.m.. You can register online.
Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!
Sherri Walker

Healthy Eating and Dine Out, Eat Right Milwaukee

Do you feel confident in your eating habits? Can you safely say you’re a healthy eater? What is healthy eating anyway? Employee Wellness is trying to clear the fog on how to be a healthier eater.
Join us for our healthy cooking series. Brought to you by MU Employee Wellness and put on by Sodexo we hope to show you some mealtime tricks to keep MU feeling healthier. Our last series was Eating Well: Thai Cuisine. We had a good turn out and plenty of samples to go around. The food was delicious and easy to make! If you missed out don’t worry: recipe cards will be posted on our website soon! The next healthy cooking series is November 19th from 4-5 pm, so mark your calanders and come prepared to learn about Healthier Holiday Desserts. It’s promised to be impressive, free, and, as always, samples are provided. You can sign up on our website: Learn how to keep your family healthier around the Holidays!
You’ll also want to be on the look out for free apples tomorrow on campus courtesy of the MU Employee Wellness Committee. The apple drop is designed to bring you a healthy snack on National Eat Healthy Day (November 6th). Apples are a great, nutritious food, and can help keep you healthy through these colder months! National Eat Healthy Day is an initiative by the American Heart Association the goal of this day according the AHA website is to “encourage Americans to make small healthy changes and raise awareness about the importance of good nutrition.” Eating healthy can make great strides in heart health, so make a change today even if it is as small as packing your lunch or eating a veggie heavy dinner. These small efforts can help you to be a healthier, happier person. To coorelate with National Eat Healthy Day, AHA has organized Dine Out, Eat Right Milwaukee.This programs partners with local MKE restaurants to provide heart healthy menu options Nov. 6-12th. To learn what restaurants are participating in the event go to and check out what they are offering as well!
Happy National Eat Healthy Day! Enjoy the apple, and make one small change!

Healthy Cooking Coming to Campus

What does healthy food entail, and how do we make our meals healthier for ourselves and our families? These are tough questions to answer, and they can have more than one correct answer. Food makes us happy, so changing our diet can be difficult, even when we know it’s what’s best for us. Employee Wellness and Sodexo are bringing four healthy cooking series classes to campus throughout this next year to help you answer these questions. These classes are designed around various foods, with a lesson on how to prepare it in a way that is healthier than you may make it at home now. These classes will be held on the first floor lobby of the AMU for one hour. Spouses and significant others are welcome and food samples and recipe cards are provided! Our four events are:

Eating Well Thai Cuisine – Tues. October 15th 12pm-1pm

Healthier Holiday Deserts – Tues. November 19th 4pm-5pm

Heart Healthy Seafood – Wed. January 22nd 3pm-4pm

Reduce Sodium, Boost Flavor – Mon. March 17th 3pm-4pm

Register for one or all of these events! Look for an additional cooking event in July: Cooking with Kids! For more information contact Kristin Kipp (414)-288-5607.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Oral Cancer 3K/5K Walk/Run

The Student National Dental Association (SNDA) Chapter at Marquette University School of Dentistry is proud to announce that we are hosting the first annual Oral Cancer 3K/5K walk/run on September 21, 2013, on the Marquette University campus. 

Approximately 46,000 people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with oral cancer in 2013, which includes tongue and throat cancer. When found early, there is an 80–90% survival rate; however, due to a lack of public awareness, the majority of cases are unfortunately discovered in a late-stage, which often proves to be fatal. In a continuing effort to increase awareness of oral cancer and the importance of early detection, we will be offering free oral cancer screenings performed by community dentists the day of the event to all race participants.

There is a one hour CE course on oral cancer diagnosis and treatment to further educate health care professionals on the importance of early detection. The CE course will be offered Saturday, Sept 21st, from 8am to 9am in Marquette University School of Dentistry. All participants are welcome to attend the CE course, which is free with registration for the event.  Oral Cancer Screenings begin at 9am to 10am. The Walk/Run begins at 10:15am at the Olin underpass.  Registration and additional information can be found online at: or you may call 414-288-1533/1445.

So Many Opportunities!

As with everything, the beginning of the semester is crazy time! There is so much going on and so many things to do that I want to make sure this information is really easy to find! First, if you haven’t registered for the Heart Walk, do it! The American Heart Association is having a Heart Walk at Veteran’s Park on Sunday, Sept. 29th at 9:00 AM. It should be a blast and we would really like to see big numbers. So come if you are free! Check out our flyer for more info!

Next, Employee Wellness is offering CPR and First Aid classes both this fall and in the spring. We have CPR for adults or adult/infant/child. Employees and spouses/significant others can take these classes for the first time or if you are already certified we are offering a recertification class that can be taken either with the instructor or the written and video portions can be taken online and employees can come in and do a quick skills check with the instructor. For the recertification classes, you must also choose between adult or adult/infant/child certification. First aid is another really good skill to have, and these classes will be offered both in the fall and spring as well. If you are interested in being certified please check out our website for times, dates, and cost!

Finally, we are kicking off the Take Charge of Your Health Campaign on October 7th. This is an 8-week self-guided program to help you prepare your own personal health manual to keep all of your vital health information in one place. We’ll give you tips and resources along the way to help you save money on your health care costs, secure a primary care physician and take a more active role in your own health. This is a free program where you will receive WELCOA’s Self-Care Essentials Guide. With successful completion of this challenge you will be entered into a drawing to win some great self-care prizes. Information will be available on the employee wellness website soon and don’t forget about Employee Health and Benefits Day coming up on October 29th from 9a.m. -2p.m. in the AMU, Monaghan Ballroom.

Have a great week!


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