By Amy Melichar – Fruits and veggies and proteins, oh my!!

Bogged down by the everyday decision making that surrounds our food intake and nutrition?  For those of you who have yet to check out MyPlate, I highly encourage you to do so.  The USDA’s current answer may just provide enough of a visual to us American’s to get the right amount of the basic food groups in our diet.  A good visual!  Imagine that.  While not perfect, you at least finally get the right idea.  Many of us grew up on “The Four Food Groups”.  Then we had to get used to the “Food Guide Pyramid”.  And then most recently we were graced with “My Pyramid” that included exercise and physical activity.  When you have a spare five minutes, please do yourself a favor and go to the website and start to dig around.  You can read the “Tips of the Day”, track your food intake, plan meals and can even read countless tip sheets that include: “Varying Your Veggies”, “Focus on Fruit”, and “Go Lean with Protein” and so much more.

Ok…if you can’t come up with five minutes, I suggest you at least go print yourself a copy of the tip sheet ”Choose My Plate” which gives you the best ten tips to building a great plate of food.  It will educate you on balancing your calories, getting in more foods in that you should and removing some that aren’t so good.

Come on fellow MU Employees…now’s the chance to make some great decisions surrounding our nutrition. It can’t get any easier than this.  Kudos to USDA for finally providing us with a useful tool in MyPlate.

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