Avoiding Students at the Rec Center/Rec Plex

By Mike Cosgrove- A lot of college professionals do not take advantage of on-campus gyms because they do not want to be seen working out, showering and changing by students that they teach and work with.    I am not going to try to eliminate this fear, but I will give a few options on how to avoid these situations and still use the Rec Center/Plex.

I’ll start with the best times to work out.  If you don’t like working out with a lot of students, I suggest using the facilities before 3pm.  Typically these are times that students are sleeping or in class.  Early mornings are great for this reason, and it is a fantastic way to start out your day.

Changing and showering at the gym can be uncomfortable.  Throw in the professor/student or supervisor/student employee relationship and the feeling multiplies.  First, the percentage of students that actually change and shower in the locker rooms is very low.  Most just show up at the gym in their workout clothes and shower (hopefully) when they get home.   In any case, both the Rec Center and Rec Plex both have spaces to shower and change that students just do not use.  At the Rec Center, I suggest using the tennis locker rooms.  They are located on the lower level, and the tennis teams do not use them, as their official locker rooms are located across the street.  They feature showers, bathroom facilities, and daily (free) and permanent (small fee) lockers that can be rented at the main office.   At the Rec Plex, the family locker rooms are great options, offering showers, bathroom facilities and lockers (bring your own locks for these).  These locker rooms are located right across from the main locker rooms, and are very rarely used by students.

There are always a million reasons not to work out, but don’t let embarrassment be one of them.  There are plenty of times that student traffic is low, and lots of places that students don’t go.  Come check out our facilities and see for yourself…

Do you have any other tips for avoiding high traffic times/ situations?

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