Class…….it’s not for sitting students anymore!

There are no desks, no whiteboards, no binders, no laptops, no “students” and music is pumping!  You may be thinking: there is no way this is a class offered on Marquette University’s campus, well you’re wrong.  There are plenty of these happening each week; they are fitness classes offered specifically for employees.

These classes are offered on a weekly basis by the Employee Wellness program and offer a variety of opportunities, including:

Yoga:  This class, as taught by Jamie Wooten, (owner of Fitness Advantage Trainer, AFFA, CPT and Health & Wellness Educator)  is an opportunity for faculty and staff to relax, while pushing themselves to increase flexibility, circulation, and relieve stress.  Participating employees leave feeling refreshed and empowered.  Some ask if they can stay all day.  “Jaimie varies the activities for every class and the difficulty level.  I love the candles, the scented oil, and I love how I feel when we’re done.”  It’s an inclusive group.  No person performs better or worse than anyone else because Jamie focuses attention on the individual and “subtle differences“ they may see that day from one side of the body to the other. “We have a wonderful instructor who listens to feedback and really applies what she hears. She is terrific.”

Pilates:  Joanna McQuide leads the class through 45 minutes on a mat stabilizing the core, while training distally segments to move fluidly.  What does she mean by that?  Joanna will encourage controlled breathing and attention to the abdomen, back, and oblique’s while challenging participants to move their arms or legs.  Although this sounds difficult, with years of teaching experience (Step, Zumba, Cardio Kickboxing, Chair Aerobics and more) Joanna offers numerous level modifications.  “This class is so Excellent! Joanna is fun, nice, inspires us all, and tells us ways to modify the exercises to suit our body and limitations.”  These modifications result in a level playing field between the person who has tried pilates at home with a DVD and someone who has taken classes at the Rec Center for years.  “The instructor provides plenty of reminders as to how to do each exercise correctly and modifications to make it easier or harder depending on your ability.”

Muscle Conditioning:  Marissa Wesley leads employees through exercises that strengthen major muscle groups while jamming out to some great inspirational music!  Marissa will be your biggest cheerleader and she admits she typically leaves class hoarse, from all the good encouragement.  “It really pushed me (more than I would push myself). The instructor was motivating – pushing but nice about it.”  With a bachelors degree in Exercise Science and years of experience instructing all over Milwaukee, Ms. Wesley has the knowledge to drive you towards your goals.  “The instructor was very encouraging.  She assisted us to make modifications in routines as needed and then work our way up.”   Participants were impressed by how effective it was and how Marissa kept them moving.  “Excellent! Love the instructor. Really has improved my fitness level.”  When asked about her class, Marissa stated, “I really enjoyed instructing the MU employees for the Muscle Conditioning class.  The participants are a great group willing to try new exercises and to push themselves beyond what they think they can do.  It is my job to motivate them and make the class fun.  All different types and exercises are used during the class for variety and to activate muscles in a different way.”

BOSU Intervals:  Lead by our newest instructor, Kristin Kipp, this class is designed to take you through a full body workout on the BOSU, using both strength and cardio drills, while working on your core / balance the entire time.  The BOSU is a dome shaped ball (a hemisphere) that has a platform on the bottom. The acronym stands for “BOth Sides Up” because it can be utilized with the ball sideupor the platform side up.  Strength intervals will utilize various weights, resistance bands, and body bars.  Cardio intervals can be done on the BOSU or the floor and low impact modifications will be given. All fitness levels welcome!  As with our other instructors, Kristin has an extensive background in the field.  In addition to being a Registered Dietician, she has a bachelors degree in Exercise Science.

All of our instructors ask for participant feedback and are degreed professionals able to provide appropriate modifications for various ability levels.  Offered on-campus, these classes are convenient and further develop a community between Marquette faculty and staff.

More Classes offered by the Department of Recreational Sports

In addition to the classes offered by the Employee Wellness Program, the Department of Recreational Sports offers a variety of group fitness classes at the Rec Center and Rec Plex for students and employees to take advantage of.

Assess Your Readiness

Being physically active is very safe for most people. Some people, however, should check with their doctors before they increase their current level of activity. The PAR-Q has been designed to identify the small number of adults for whom physical activity may be inappropriate or those who should have medical advice concerning the type of activity most suitable for them.

Register for a class today!

The Employee Wellness group fitness classes begin in January.  For more information and online registration, go here!

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