January Employee Profile – Stacy Kuras, Administrative Assistant, Student Affairs

By Mandi Richter – Stacy knew herself to be a fit, active, and healthy person but she felt she lost herself during her thirties and got off track in more ways than one.  “I set out to reclaim my identity in my forties,” Stacy proclaimed.  She has accomplished that and is also closing in on her goal of losing 120lbs.  Working at Marquette, taking things day by day, and self-acceptance have been the keys to her success.

“Working at Marquette has changed my life around,” Stacy continues, “The people, the opportunity for education, the wellness program, has all transformed my life.”  Having completed Graduate Certificates in Leadership Studies and Dispute Resolution, Stacy is now taking classes toward a Master in Leadership Studies offered by the College of Professional Studies.  Through the Employee Wellness Program, she has taken a yoga class and participated in the Eat Right for Life challenge.  Her daily workouts at the Rec Center during her lunch hour have kept her on track.  “It relieves my stress and leaves me reenergized and refocused.”  Stacy spends a half hour on the bike, elliptical, or treadmill.  When she isn’t in the mood, she tells herself “just go” and even if she’s not giving it her all, she feels good knowing that she went and realizes something is better than nothing.  To help achieve her ideal weight and maintain her progress, she plans on joining Weight Watchers at Work.

For others who may feel overwhelmed by a large long-term goal, Stacy recommends taking it day by day.  “If I would have looked at the big picture, I might have never taken the first step.”  Every day, she takes time to evaluate how she’s doing.  She’s also learned to accept her body and embrace her curves.  “I realize I’m an adult woman and am not going to have the figure I used to.”

Her best piece of advice, “You don’t have to try to be someone you’re not.”   Stacy’s progress took off when she stopped comparing herself to others and started focusing on herself.  “You’re okay being exactly who you are.”  She has written a book based on her journey and a poem entitled, “OK2BME”.

1 Response to “January Employee Profile – Stacy Kuras, Administrative Assistant, Student Affairs”

  1. 1 @MoniqueSerpasPT January 5, 2012 at 9:52 pm

    Great story and congrats on the progress towards your goals- I hope it inspires someone else to take things day by day. I think it’s good to have a big goal to accomplish to keep you motivated and to keep track of it frequently and look back on your progress. I took the #30min365 challenge this year and am already looking at my days crossed off!

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