Why the muscle conditioning class was more than I expected

By Mandi Richter – Roger Smith, Facilities Services, decided to sign up for the Muscle Conditioning class offered by the Employee Wellness Program because he wanted to get in better shape.  “It’s harder when you get older, my body started nagging me, and my clothes didn’t fit as well.  I wasn’t going to buy a new wardrobe. ” With the Muscle Conditioning class being right on campus, it was too convenient to pass up.

“The class was more than I expected,” Roger continues, “It gave me a really good full body workout”.  Different from going into a gym and seeing how much weight you can throw around, Roger learned from the instructor, Marissa, the importance of a total body workout that incorporates all major muscle groups.

As a result of the class, Roger feels stronger (especially in his core), has lost inches, less back pain and stiffness, feels more relaxed, has increased levels of energy, and less trouble sleeping.  Additionally, he finds that it is easier to do his job, especially lifting objects or doing overhead work.   “Plus, my health risk assessment numbers improved this year.”  Not only that, he’s had fun!  “I enjoy trying new exercises and using new equipment, such as trying medicine balls.”

He also finds it to be a good value and the next best thing to having a personal trainer.  It’s one way to get some individual training from a degreed professional for an affordable price.  Plus, he likes the fact that he doesn’t need to drive or wait in line to get his exercise in.  It’s a better value than “investing in equipment that I don’t use or doesn’t work.”

As the only man in the class, Roger’s advice for those who are concerned about “fitting in” or trying something new, “If you’re serious about getting into shape, try to get over it and just get moving because you’ll feel better.  The group helps to motivate you.  The class is nice because you work at your own pace.  You choose weights that are appropriate for you.  The goal is to get in shape, not bulk up.  I would recommend it for anyone.”

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