Working Through Injury

By Sara Harvey – About three weeks ago I injured my foot.  When I went to doctor, she told me to wear a boot for two weeks and “NO tennis.”  No tennis?!  What was I going to do with myself for two weeks?  Well, the boot comes off tomorrow and for the past two weeks I have found creative ways to be active while keeping my foot safe and secure.  I thought I would share a few of these ideas for those of you who find yourself in a similar situation.

  • Be creative with the exercise and activities that you CAN do while injured, but always check with your physician. For me, I realized that other than when we did a plank pose, most of my weekly Pilates class is performed while lying on my back.  I went to the class and explained to my instructor that I would be doing plank on my knees for a few weeks.  No problem!
  • If exercising is a social activity for you, meet up with your workout buddies just to check in (or show support) even if you can’t participate.  I am part of a running club and although I didn’t run with them for two weeks, I made a point of connecting with the members through email and text messaging during the week, just to keep the connection that I enjoy while we run.
  • Concentrate on a goal not involving exercise for a period of time.  Could you set a goal around improving your diet or meditation or spiritual practice in some way?  Take the opportunity to look at the other areas of your life that could use a boost.  I tried to be especially careful in my eating habits while away from my usual exercise routine.

I now have a clean bill of health.  Over the past two weeks, however, I realized that I might not want to step immediately back into my old exercise routine.  Taking a break from physical activity, whatever the reason, can open the door to new healthy opportunities; I invite you to look at an injury beyond the obvious negatives and use it as a time to reflect and renew.

Marquette Sports Rehabilitation Clinic

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