Take a Vacation Day!

By Sara Harvey Here in University Advancement, we recently received a reminder to start planning for any upcoming vacations planned for the rest of the fiscal year.  In my opinion, Marquette has a fairly generous vacation policy and with the addition of the “gift of time” between Christmas and New Year’s, that policy has become even more generous.  You might find it hard to plan to use all your vacation days, but it is important that you do so for your mental and physical well-being.

In a recent survey conducted by Expedia.com, American workers will forfeit an average of two of their paid vacation days this year.  Let’s say you are the typical America worker; how could you use those two days?

  1. Nurture a hobby or interest – take a look around and find a seminar or exhibit or show time that interests you.  Maybe you haven’t been to the Art Museum in ages?  Or, is there a gardening or knitting class you would like to attend?  Now is the time to schedule personal “nurturing” activities into your vacation schedule.
  2. Save ‘em until June – for administrators, our vacation resets at the end of June.  Why not plan now to take a few days off in what might be one of the nicest months of the year here in Milwaukee?  Might I suggest checking out an outdoor festival, such as SummerFest or Polish Fest?   Avoid the crowds and attend a festival during the day!
  3. Spend the day with your spouse, partner or significant other – again, if you are like most people, your partner doesn’t use all of his or her vacation days either!  Why don’t the both of you plan a vacation day together, with each person choosing something special to do together.  (P.S., this also works well for friends.)
  4. Take a Free-cation!  For many, the reason people don’t take a vacation is because it is too expensive.  There are many free activities right here in Milwaukee that can make for great vacation options.  The Milwaukee County Zoo has free admission six weekdays a year and the Milwaukee Public Museum is free on Mondays for Milwaukee County residents.  Many local attractions have similar offers.   Take a look on-line for your best deals; a day off doesn’t have to be expensive.
  5. Spend the day by yourself!  This is for all the moms (and non-moms) out there!  Drop the kids off at day care and just spend the day doing what YOU want to do!  Enough said.

So use those two days!  For more information regarding how Americans view and use their vacation time, visit Expedia’s website dedicated to this topic at vacationdeprivation.comNow please excuse me while I submit my final two days of 2012 vacation to my boss!

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