Tips from the Clutter Coach

By Kathi Miller, Clutter Coach

Clutter-free living is a way of thinking about and interacting with your belongings.  Anyone can learn to live this way, you just have to be willing to practice new skills until they become a new habit.

Clutter is anything untidy or disorganized, too much stuff in too small a space, or anything unfinished.  Clutter can weigh you down and deplete your energy.  Think of a cluttered space in your home or office.  Just picture it for a moment.  Where do you feel it in your body?  Some report feeling a tightness in their chest, an ache in their stomach or tension in their shoulders.  Wherever you feel it, realize that your clutter affects you when you’re not even in the midst of it!  The good news and the bad news is the same: you did this to yourself!  Which means you and only you can clean it up.  Yes, you may get some de-cluttering help, but it’s your behaviors and beliefs that created the clutter.  To truly live a clutter-free life you will need to change those behaviors and beliefs.  Again, it’s not such bad news because you don’t have to convince someone else to change.  Even if you live with cluttering family members, the very act of you practicing and modeling clutter-free living skills will have a positive effect on them.  Start today:

  • What are you willing to do differently today to create a new result tomorrow?
  • What belongings do you need today to live your real life?  Take the money you would have spent on mindless shopping and contribute to or start a savings account.  Where would you like to travel?  Start saving to save for that trip even if it takes you five years!
  • What can you do today to create more order in your life?  Make your bed, clean out a drawer, set the alarm for 5 minutes earlier, set out your clothes for tomorrow before you go to bed, or spend 5 minutes planning your next day.
  • Look around your home.  How many piles of “later” are there?  Do a few loads of wash and put away your clean clothes as soon as they’re dry.  When you try on something that you don’t end up wearing, put it away right away.  Practice taking care of your clothes.
  • Do you practice present-time thinking?  Staying in the present helps you de-clutter your mind so you can think clearly and make better decisions on a moment-to-moment basis.
  • Are you reluctant to change?  Sometimes, people feel there’s no hope for them, but everyone can change if they choose to do so.  You don’t have to like making these changes, you can just like the result of having done it!
  • Remember:  “Everything you own speaks to you.  Be sure it has something nice to say.”

About Kathi:  Kathi Miller combines her background in education and business to help her clients achieve the clutter-free life.  It’s not just about belongings or one’s relationship to them, but an entire system of re-evaluating what is truly important in life.  She does on-site consulting for homes and businesses, presents workshops, teaches classes, and is the author of the Clutter Coach Success Secrets, a monthly email newsletter.  Visit her website at

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