July Employee Profile: Patty Harsch, University Advancement

Patty Harsch, Director of Principal Gifts Programs for University Advancement focuses on an active lifestyle to get into a routine and stay in shape. Recently she has enlisted the help of the personal training and nutrition services at Marquette, and has seen great benefit in doing so.

Patty is a two-time employee of Marquette, with her first employment lasting almost 29 years within Athletics. During that time she frequently worked out and even had a program developed for her by the athletics strength and conditioning coach. After joining the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club in 2003 she could not find as much time to devote to working out. Her normal athletic routine disappeared.  Although she was still active through golfing, walking, and exercising on her own, she did not consider herself in “great shape.”

In 2009, she was fortunate to have an opportunity to return to MU within University Advancement. Patty realized once she settled into her new position she needed to start thinking about herself and getting back into shape. It became a “now or never” situation and last fall, Patty joined Gold’s Gym and participated in group classes. It wasn’t enough to satisfy her needs and fortunately she noticed a flyer announcing personal training through Marquette’s Wellness Program on a break-room bulletin board.  She’d had past experiences with personal trainers and knew this was what she needed to kick-start her workouts and get on the path of being in better shape.

Patty met with Kristin Kipp for a fitness assessment this April and hasn’t looked back.  Kristin’s expertise is the complete package and addressed all of Patty’s needs. She signed up for an 8-session personal training plan that met once a week, and the results have been wonderful. Kristin shared that it’s not just the basic workout that is needed to achieve success, and the two have discussed other activities and exercise along with a review of Patty’s eating habits to supplement the personal training workouts. As a result, Patty still attends group classes at Gold’s Gym and eats a more balanced diet. She also enjoys golf on the weekends and has incorporated a cardio interval program into her walking routine.

Patty’s personal training sessions with Kristin are always fresh and feature new exercises from week to week. They complete a full body program incorporating interval training with aerobics, balance, free weights, an exercise ball and BOSU ball. Often Patty is doing two exercises at the same time to combine strength and balance while maximizing every move in a short period of time. Kristin focuses on form and ensures that her clients perform the exercises correctly and slowly to get the full benefit.

Kristin’s care and knowledge is an extra benefit to working out with a professional trainer. As Patty began to work out more frequently, she began to experience soreness in her knees due to arthritis. Kristin suggested Patty check in with her doctor for further evaluation, who then recommended some restrictions to my workout and physical therapy. Marquette’s College of Health Sciences  provided an opportunity to receive physical therapy on campus. Patty’s physical therapist and Kristin were able to discuss her condition and exercises that could be incorporated into a workout to help strengthen Patty’s knees.

The overall success Patty has seen through utilizing the Personal Training program at Marquette has been outstanding. In Patty’s words, “Kristin makes me do things that I never thought I could which is something that helps me both physically and mentally.  As a result I have lost weight and dropped at least one dress size.  People comment on how fit I look and I feel great.  I have signed up for another 8 week session with goals of continued weight loss and getting stronger. I would highly recommend taking advantage of this program.  It is very reasonably priced but the rewards are priceless.”

Learn more about how the Personalized Wellness services offered by Marquette University and Kristin Kipp can boost your motivation and metabolism!

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