Community Supported Agriculture Comes To Marquette

After our holiday about giving thanks and eating too much, moving on to our holiday where we love to make cookies and eat peppermint, let’s talk about food. But not for now, for next summer. It may seem early to start planning, but with this opportunity you may start drooling. Employee Wellness has set up a program you need to check out, if you like to eat, that is.

CSA is great for the community and environment, but even better for you. CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, are programs that produce fresh, organic food on local small farms that is delivered to you at your home or in this case at work! Employee Wellness has set up a program with Three Sisters Community Farm in Campbellsport, WI to bring their produce to campus weekly this coming summer season (June through October). Three Sisters has offered a 5% discount to Marquette Employees and any who sign up before December 31, 2013 will receive an additional 5% off! The CSA through Marquette Employee Wellness has 35 spots to those who register on the Three Sisters Website and select Marquette University for their drop off site (the discount was already taken off for you).

These programs are a great way to bring home fresh foods that have been untouched by chemicals and preservatives. This particular company has a U Pick option where you can log on to your online account and select the produce you want to be delivered to you each week from what they have available. This makes it easy for you to experiment with new things you want to try or load up on the fruits and veggies you know you love. In addition, they come out with a weekly newsletter that provides information on the farm, storage tips for each week’s produce, recipes, and ideas. Cutting down on the transit time of your food makes this an eco-friendly option with less gas used in transporting, energy in cooling and packaging, and chemicals in preserving before each vegetable reaches your plate. When we are eating foods that are known to be good for us we rarely think about the microscopic or unseen facets of that meal that might not be so good. By using CSA as a source for your produce, these detriments are no longer factors.

For more information on Three Sisters Community Farm visit their website. If you are interested in signing up with Employee Wellness please don’t hesitate! There are a very limited number of spots and we cannot be sure how fast they will go.

Happy Holidays!

Shannon Gambon

Wellness Intern Fall 2013

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