A Fresh Start

The Marquette University Employee Wellness program’s vision is to be nationally recognized as an employment environment that integrates a healthy lifestyle with the lifelong pursuit of excellence, faith, leadership and service to others. This year, this goal will be renewed and strengthened throughout a variety of popular and new outlets. In the past, MU Wellness has run programs pertaining to a vast range of health topics reaching from physical activity, weight management, and nutrition to CPR training, self-care, and stress management. In addition, there is a plethora of services available for the employee community to grow individually through self-guided programs and as part of spiritually steered and fitness-affiliated classes. Our goal for Wellness is to increase the mindfulness of future and current services to help improve and refresh our employees. According to the Wellness Wheel, there are six main areas of healthy living: physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, occupational, and emotional. These areas expand into multiple sub topics that the diverse Marquette community tackles every day.

With a fresh image on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and a weekly blog, MU Wellness will begin to explore how to be successful and at peace physically, mentally, and spiritually. Twitter will be used to post updates on current health opportunities at Marquette and in the local Milwaukee community. In addition, it will be a landing spot for interesting articles and retweets of inspiring stories of wellness themes. Facebook will be an employee’s easy, go-to guide for weekly and monthly events happening in Employee Wellness. Think of it as your virtual health calendar! We will also post photos from fun employee events happening on campus! For those that are more visually enthused, get ready to be consumed by creative pins of pictures, workouts, articles, and more that relate to each subject of the Wellness Wheel. Pinterest will go hand in hand with the weekly blog, targeting everything from diet and nutrition to stress management to taking charge of your health! Gear up for guest bloggers who will share success stories, event coverage, and words of wisdom.

With the new boost of the Employee Wellness program, employees have the unique and encouraged chance to jump into an online and physical community that focuses on an involved and health-conscious atmosphere. The amazing benefit here is that not only are you getting healthy, but you are doing it with people just like you, the family of Marquette University. Come together with friends, fellow department co-workers, and others to advance your individual and communal wellness. No matter the age, schedule, or involvement, there is something for everyone. Stay up to date and subscribe to the new and improved social media outlets to engage in programs for fitness, nutrition, stress reduction/meditation, life balance, and self care. This is just the beginning of a Marquette Wellness revolution, and you can join in! If you have other ideas about wellness or how to improve the community, please contact Kristin Kipp at kristin.kipp@mu.edu and share your thoughts!

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