Take Charge of Your Health

Time for Emotional Remedy

It is mid February, too far from the winter holidays and yet also too far from the promise of spring. At this point in the year, some people experience the winter blues, the slump that can make us all go a little crazy, particularly with the lovely weather of Milwaukee. It is at this time of the year especially that you should make sure that you are caring for yourself emotionally and physically.

First, your emotional wellness correlates directly to your body’s well being, so make sure to keep yourself in check. The middle of winter brings out the worst in flus and colds, so set aside time and make your health checkups a priority.

In addition, be sure to get enough sleep. A lack of sleep can take a toll on one throughout the day and cause unwanted stress or anxiety. Studies show that, “Eight out of ten adults have experienced some type of sleep-related difficulty. Women are significantly more likely than men to experience problems, particularly not feeling rested after sleep, having trouble falling asleep, and trouble staying asleep” (ADAA). Some tips to help you with sleep include creating a window of about seven to nine hours in order to have time to relax and go through a routine while still getting eight hours. Furthermore, try skipping that last look on the smart phone or computer screen before climbing into bed. This will cause you to become hyper active and have your mind racing with too many thoughts before trying to fall asleep.

Along with being well rested, you should also embrace the blustery tundra of Wisconsin by pushing yourself to do some exploratory activities you would not normally do. Milwaukee has dozens of museums, galleries, and attractions that would be a perfect getaway on the dreary, cloudy days. Not only will you be exercising by walking around all day, but it will also benefit your self-health. Even if you have visited before, making plans for a Saturday afternoon at the Public Market or the Milwaukee Historical Society will give you something to look forward to throughout the week.

There are no major holidays coming up soon, and you feel a tad depressed about it. Why not throw a dinner party with just the best intimate friends or for a big group? Remaining social and spontaneous will help you to remember that everyone is in this together, and it will boost your spirits. Having a nice vent session with their support will help to detox and release some of the stresses of the week.

Lastly, take time for emotional meditation. Whether it is through prayer, exercise, or daily acknowledgements, create a block of time to give yourself alone. You know what you need to be happy, so do not let that fall away throughout this season. Whatever problems that are weighing on you emotionally will only grow if they are pushed to the back of your mind. Try to find a way to decompose internally as this will definitely help you to control your emotional wellness.

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