Juggling Act-Finding Balance

Exercising & Eating

One of the most basic yet difficult areas of life that we attempt to balance is the fusion of nutrition and fitness. As Spring draws nearer, now is an opportune time to zone in on how to create an effective plan that you can stick to for more than just a couple of weeks.

First, there is no better emotional and physical remedy than when you have a developed schedule for eating healthy and working out. When you work out, you feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and energized. This creates a motivation like none other to fill your body with water and foods of substance that will help maintain your endurance and stamina. Likewise, when you eat good, nutritious meals, your body not only feels stronger, but also it feeds on the positive chemicals that improve your physical and emotional wellness.

Learning how to use the two consistently contains a few variables that come into consideration. Timing is a huge proponent. Like any other area of your weekly schedule, it is essential to carve out time to create a plan for when you will be exercising and what you will be eating.

For nutrition, eating fruits and vegetables always seems like a great idea in theory. However, actually cutting up the food takes energy that is often spent somewhere else. Here is a helpful tip: try buying fruits and veggies at the grocery store, and when you get home, immediately take them out of the bags, wash them, and cut them up. Store them in Ziploc Baggies or containers to have for the week. It is the same satisfying feeling of washing your dish right after eating off of it. This immediate action keeps you from forgetting about doing this simple yet tedious task. In addition, portion control goes hand in hand quite literally with nutrition. When you are preparing your meals for the day, have tools within reach that can help to distribute a healthy amount of food. For example, have a tablespoon measure or an ice-cream scooper on the counter for items like nuts or grains. A deck of cards is about three ounces, or the ideal size of your intake of meat. Although they take a bit of time to get used to, using these tips will eventually become habitual and will balance right into your routine.

Similarly, fitness is all about timing. Do trial runs to see if you are more productive during a morning spin cycle or for an after work run. Sometimes you feel cranky after a long day at the office, or you know that doing a short yoga session is more stimulating than a morning cup of coffee. It is all right to be selfish with these needs, as they will help you find balance in all other areas of your life. Take advantage of a nutritious meal before and after your workouts as well. Do not try to skimp on calories or an early breakfast, because this will only do damage to your system. Finding balance is about a collaborative effort between the actions of the body and its contents.

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