Take Charge of Your Health

A great deal of daily life involves being constantly in contact with others through technology. Although it is inevitable, this attachment to your work phone, email, and computer can cause damage to your ability to sleep, relax, and focus.

A way to take charge of your health this spring or summer would be to give yourself either one or a couple of days to get away from the omnipresent nagging of the smartphone and travel somewhere to truly clear your head. Whether it is taking a short drive down Wisconsin Avenue to Lake Michigan or going on a road trip out of town, visiting a place rich in nature and wildlife can calm both your mental and spiritual wellness, which, in turn, would bring peace to other areas in your life that you may not have expected.

So where could you go if you wanted to take a weekend getaway trip? A few locations highlighted by Midwest Living in Wisconsin that offer some peace would be Door County, Eagle River, Devil’s Lake State Park, Copper Falls State Park, or Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. These wonderful locations offer an enormous amount of fun and carefree physical activity such as hiking, kayaking, and swimming. Everyone needs a break, and after a long and enduring academic year, it may be a way to reconnect with your family and/or spouse.

The Huffington Post emphasizes that traveling can benefit your mental and physical wellness for various reasons. First, they mention that the stress hormone Cortisol is decreased in those men and women who decide to travel. In addition, both men and women who take trips regularly have a reduced risk of heart attacks, 32% for men and 50% for women.

Aside from health benefits, traveling helps to improve and deepen relationships. The Huffington Post reported that “86% of people who travel as a couple say romance is still alive in their relationship.” Along with helping out couples, the news outlet stated that more than half of the children studied believe that going on a trip brings a stronger relationship among the family.

Lastly, they share that getting out and going on an adventure can boost your daily outlook on life. By creating a physical distance from conflicts or challenges at work, you can give your mind a creative space to meditate on potential resolutions in a calm and productive way. This will contribute to less stress and symptoms of depression.

When it comes to taking care of your wellness, the motto, “work hard, play hard” is truly relevant. You must give your mental and physical being a breather when you feel that you are being consumed in technology or stress. Know your boundaries, and remember that taking a trip is just what the doctor ordered!

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