Sign up for The Road to Wellness Program this Summer

The Road to Wellness program is offering employees an outlet for often forgotten practices. Pondering our purpose or our life balance can be deep concepts that are missed in the quick moving world around us. One thing that can change perspective for us is stopping to ponder the beauty around us. When life is scheduled to the minute, tunnel vision developed puts us in a constant rushing state. When we are done hurrying at the end of the day we collapse into bed exhausted from a day of fast-paced check an email here, walk to a meeting there, rush across campus for this, and back for that. When we stop and appreciate how gorgeous the city is in summer, a delicious lunch, or that despite how hectic our lives are there people are in them that matter, we are becoming more in touch and healthy individuals. The Road to Wellness Program will offer insight on who we are and where we want to go, and is designed to help you work on many aspects of well-being. This program is self-paced and free to Marquette Employees. We hope that this will be an outlet for you to do a little soul searching this summer and find some healthy practices along the way.

MU Employee Wellness Intern

Shannon Gambon

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