Quick snack hacks to spice up lunch


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As a kid, I ate a PBJ sandwich every single day for lunch. The monotony was glorious; I always knew what to expect. These days, though, lunch becomes a chore when I have to think about healthily spicing up what I eat. It becomes easy to revert back to the days of bagged chips and instant noodles. But hey, friends, we can do better than this to our bodies, because you know what, we deserve it!

When it comes to creativity and lunch, though, it is a task easier said than done. Here are just a few ways that I make my meals more interesting.

Pomegranate arils sandwiches – I understand what it is like to finally sit down to lunch and your sandwich is dry. No bueno. Well, my cure to this a quick layer of pom arils (A.K.A. pom seeds). Just pop them on in between your peanut butter and jelly and bam, fruity explosions with every new bite.

Chia seeds in everything – Yes, like the Chia Pet, but you can eat the seeds too! They make for a great texture addition, from fried rice to the morning oatmeal. The best part, too, is that they will boost whatever you’re munching on with some extra fiber!

Sriracha hot sauce – So usually I am not much of a hot sauce fan, but this Asian bottle of fire is packed with equal amounts of flavor. This sauce can entertain tastebuds in just about anything. Mix it with your favorite salad dressing to bring life to the lettuce or throw it in some stir fry for some hidden flavor.

Homemade yogurt parfaits in jars – I think one of my least favorite occurrences is when I realize that whatever I packed for lunch has just leaked all over my bag or backpack. This then turns into a limiting factor when it comes to mobile lunching. Solution: jars. Add some Greek yogurt, frozen fruit and granola and you’re golden!

Snap peas instead of potato chips -Cutting up veggies and fruits to bring along in lunch can be so time consuming, no wonder we always reach for the Fritos. Try picking up a bag of snap peas next time you’re grocery shopping, though. Throwing a quick handful in a baggie can be just as quick as munching on chips and equally tasty.

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