Eyes: The gateway to health

33785fe0-ce5c-44c4-8d97-a86479984e78Happy March! As the new month rolls in and hopefully the warmer weather, too, you’re probably a bit like me when it comes to spring-cleaning. And with spring-cleaning comes the yearly check ups and wellness exams. You might be seeing the doctor or the dentist within the next month, but you should also consider paying your optometrist a visit.

Eye health could be considered one of the most overlooked realms of healthcare. As many people grow older, they only worry about seeing the eye doctor if their vision starts to diminish. Most people don’t know, though, that an optometrist may be able to identify life-altering diseases before your primary physician is even able to detect them.

Along with checking that your eyes are working together correctly, eye doctors are also being sure to look into the symptoms of other potential diseases.

The breakage of blood vessels in the eyes can be a tell of diabetes. It is estimated that one in three people have diabetes and are unaware of it. Optometrists are able to see these oddities during an exam and direct you toward another doctor who can propose further help.

Eye doctors can also help you live a longer, fuller life by detecting cataracts, which almost look like clouds that cover the eyes, early on. The earlier a cataract is detected, the faster it can be treated, diminishing the possibility of blindness earlier on in life.

Other problems that optometrists diagnose can help you prevent permanent vision loss later on in life by catching symptoms early.

Vision is a very important part of our daily lives and eye health is just as vital as the health of the rest of the body. So before you put off your annual eye exam, think of it as a check in not just on your vision, but also on the gateway to the health of the rest of your body.

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