Staying motivated for the final stretch


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Now that spring break is over, we can all finally see the light of summer approaching us. While that is incredibly exciting, the waiting game for the school year to be up can be so draining. Carrying on with everyday life until then might become your greatest challenge. Thankfully, though, there are a few ways that you can counter the lack of motivation beside giving in to it. Here are a few things to try to keep you head in the game until summer.

Plan. You can see the finish line but there are a few obstacles in your way. Taking the time to plan out how you will achieve your goals over the next few months will help keep the stress low, the goal in perspective and keep you on track with your achievements.

Get some time in the sunshine. Sometimes the best you can do is open the windows in your office, but either way, strive to see the sun. Grab your work and take it outside for a few. Walk to grab a coffee over break. Or maybe just even chat with your friends outside on a bench. You would be amazed how much the sunlight could improve your day.

Be positive. Like Mom always said, “Complaining never helped anything.” Although being a pessimist can be the easier option sometimes, a negative mind doesn’t usually prevail. Noticeably thinking about the positives of day-to-day life can keep you happy and motivated to finish the semester’s-worth of work strong. Remember, you are what you think.

Take care of your body. And equally, you are what you eat! Just because spring break is over, it doesn’t mean that beach bod season is through! Regular exercise, good sleep and healthy eating impacts our daily lives directly. Sticking to a consistent routine will help you stay on track with your personal goals, health goals and work goals.

Reward yourself. yes, yes, your deserve it! After a hard day, meek or month of work, treat yourself to whatever you like to do to relax and enjoy life. Whether it be a good bike ride, binge-watching the next season of House of Cards or going out for a good steak one night, DO IT. We work hard to play hard, so do yourself a favor and enjoy the life you live.


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