Accomplishing goals and setting new ones

Well folks, it is that time again. Finals. The weather is nicer outside than that stack of papers sitting on our desks. And the longing to stay slouched int he couch rather than getting up to go to work is all too real. But don’t worry, friends, although the semester is coming to a close, I won’t be going anywhere for a while, except a pretty big adventure that I have planned for the first week of summer.

Without boring you with detail, I spend a lot (and I mean A LOT) of time rock climbing. Some friends of mine and I have made it a goal this summer to head out to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming to climb the tower itself. We’ve been training for months now, learning proper safety and climbing techniques in order to make this goal a conquered reality.

This being said, I have realized the sheer importance of setting goals. It might seem that now that the semester is over, goals aren’t all the necessary until, say, September. Give yourself the vacation, right? Well, vacation from what?

Setting goals help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Goals help create consistency and routine, especially during summer, when irregular days might throw off your eating habits or exercise regime. I mean, how many times have I gone for the ice cream over the kale smoothie and told myself I deserved it because it’s summer. With a goal in place, each day turns into another new step toward successfully reaching that goal.

Goals also help us embrace failure. No one likes to fail. But it is the prime way to learn something and never forget it. While climbing indoors, I fall all the time, miss a rock while reaching, or just sheer slip off a rock under my foot. If I never failed like this, I would never be able to improve and get stronger. So don’t be afraid to fail. In failure, we become our own greatest teacher.

Having reasonable goals set also gives us the power to believe in ourselves. Each day working toward achieving a goal is stimulating to self esteem and gives us a better sense of self. Goals can turn life-long, mountainous dreams into step-by-step achievable realities. Being able to see the end-result and that it is actually attainable through hard work and determination can help us continue to live with positive self-images.

So now just since summer is here, don’t abandon projects that you’ve started. Plus, maybe there is new free time to take on a new goal. I highly encourage that you do it. Whether it be a goal like climbing a massive rock formation or simply cutting back on sugar, setting these goals helps us live a better, fuller lifestyle. Hold yourself accountable to treat yourself the greatest that you can. You deserve it. And I have no doubt that if you set a goal, you’ll reach the top just as I intend to.

Merry end of the semester and hooray for the start of summer, Marquette!

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