Summer smoothie hacks to boost your energy


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Finally the weather is reflecting the season. Summer is here!

And with summer, all kinds of fun activities come. At the end of the day, it is so easy to get burnt out, get up the next morning and do it all over again. Doing so many things day in and day out calls for some sustainable, tasty and cool energy. Luckily, I have been working on perfecting some smoothie hacks to make one of our favorite quick summer meals all the more nutritional and worthwhile. Adding some of these extra ingredients to any smoothie will add to the healthy calories and nutritional value of whatever you’re drinking on the go!

Chia seeds – Most people do not get the right amount of fiber every day. This can become a real issue especially if your summer goal is to increase your physical activity. Chia seeds are tasteless and near-texture-less and also contain tons of fiber, plus extra nutrients. This turns your plain bananas and blueberries into a fiber shake that will keep you fuller longer.

Greek Yogurt – Using ice cream, milk or even just plain yogurt to get the creaminess going in your smoothie is a waste of blender space! Sub in some Greek yogurt and get an extra dose of calcium and protein, minus the extra sugar and fat. Don’t like the taste of Greek yogurt? The flavors of the fruits in the smoothie will cover up the tang and you’ll get the shake you crave.

Spinach/Kale – Eew, veggies in a smoothie? Usually, I would say no thank you as well, but spinach or kale both have too much to offer. The best part is that all the other ingredients you use in your smoothies with mask the leafy greens and they will go unnoticed. Spinach and kale have lots of fiber and other vitamins that can help you live out your day to the last second. They may tint your smoothie a bit green, but they will add a whole lot to your diet.

Honey – Frustrated with sour kiwi strawberry frozen drinks? Annoyed with the temptation to add sugar or ice cream to the mix in order to sweeten things up? Instead, go for the natural sweetening solution and drop a dab of honey in the blender to drown out the sour.

Breakfast Essentials – These packets of powder usually are mixed only with milk or water to start off the day full of vitamins and nutrients, but they make for a great sweetener and vanilla-flavoring substitute. Not only do they add a bit of creaminess to the smoothie, but they also give the drink an extra boost of long-lasting energy and powerful hunger satisfaction.

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