The art of the “stay”cation


Fall is fully here in Milwaukee now! The leaves have changed and the air is cool and crisp. School and work are plugging on hard as ever, though. If you’re like me, sometimes you just need to get away. And in this day and age, with a full time job, plus commitments outside of work, it can be almost impossible to sneak in a vacation. It is just too tough to schedule around soccer practice and work meetings and Bible study. Low and behold, you get stuck in Milwaukee year-round.

But, you’re stuck in Milwaukee. Congrats! This is great! Milwaukee has tons of amazing things to do that can feel vacationy even though you could be only a few miles from your house. It does not require that everyone cancel their sports practice or reschedule their meetings or miss the study group! Welcome to the art of the “stay”cation, Milwaukee style.

So when it comes to staycationing, you have plenty of options to get out and about to enjoy Milwaukee this fall. Here are a few of my favorite things to do in our lovely city when I get tired of the daily grind.

Trip to the beach – Some might say that Milwaukee does not have a very beautiful coast line, but I’d argue with them about it. My favorite place to be on the Lake Michigan coastline is Atwood Park, which is just a ten minute drive north toward Bayshore. The remote beach has stones and sand, and even a small pier that you can use to venture into the water. It probably is no longer swimming weather, but the view of the vast lake and the seemingly untouched shoreline is worth the quick trip.

Paddling down the river – In this weather? Oh yes. There are a bunch of different ways that you can get out on the Menomonee or Milwaukee River in a kayak or a canoe. Riverwest Outdoors and the Urban Ecology Center are two helpful resources when it comes to renting gear, getting wetsuits and making a day of adventure on the water road of Milwaukee.

Checking out the museums – Walking through the mazes of exhibits in both the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Milwaukee Museum are expeditions in themselves. Both museums offer tons of exhibits and are both fairly close to downtown. You could try and hit both of these treasure troves in one day, or you could extend you staycation (my personal preference) and take them on one at a time.

Going out to eat at a new restaurant – Milwaukee has NO shortage of places to eat. Whether you are looking for something fancy, something new or something fast, this city has got you covered. Good thing you live right here and can try as many of them as you want! Treat yourself right to some French food or a killer slice of pizza, unlimited sushi or organic egg salad sandwiches. You can get them all right here in MKE.

The opera – Don’t knock this until you try it. If you are really looking for an out of this world experience, check out an opera. There is no better way to get a good dose of a new and exquisite culture than admiring the latest Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra¬†performance or listening to a classic musical at the Chamber Theatre. If you want to experience a full fledge opera, though, Milwaukee will almost always have a show for that niche!

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