Spend some time on your spiritual wellness


Recently we have been going through all the different types of wellness and the importance of balancing them throughout your life. What’s more important in our Jesuit school, though, than giving our spiritual wellness some thought?

Spirituality is different for everybody. There is no such thing as a right or wrong way to be spiritual. And with the utmost respect for everyone with varying beliefs, I’m not here to tell you how you should believe in what you believe. But I am here to give you a few suggestions to help yourself and those around you achieve the greatest possible spiritual wellness.

Be openminded. Being solid in faith does not have to mean that you have to be close-minded. What is great about beliefs and the many people around us is talking about viewpoints and learning from each other. By exploring spirituality together, you are able to become more solid in your own faith. Keeping an open mind will also allow those around you stay openminded, which will diminish the possibility of offending one another and core beliefs. Positive discussion can help you understand others and where their faiths come from, as well.

Take time to yourself. In this day and age it is really easy to get caught up in only doing things if you have company. But since spirituality is so individualized, taking on your own beliefs by yourself could help you a lot. Taking the time to read about what you believe, reflect and focus your day to day life on your faith will help you grow in your own spirituality.

Aim to love. I think it can be universally agreed upon that love is the foundation of nearly all faiths. Whether it be love for yourself, your neighbor or the world, compassion can make everyone more spiritually well. If you are practicing love, you will be so much less burdened than if you were instead holding grudges or upholding a dislike toward someone else. This will also encourage those around you to show love too. The golden rule that is also pretty universal is love your neighbor as you yourself would like to be loved.



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