Holiday hacks to make your season healthier

With the holiday season fast approaching, many of us have our stress levels at an all-time high. Whether its worrying about travel, gift buying, or hosting gatherings, there is a lot to get done. Even though this time of year is full of fun, it is especially important to keep in mind your health and wellness goals. I have compiled a few great tips to improve wellness over the holidays, check them out:

Don’t Travel with Snacks

​My family loves packing a cooler full of snacks for the car when we are heading up north for the holidays. It’s very hard to resist the potato chips and candy when you are sitting 3 feet away from them for 5 hours! Leave the snacks at home!


Eat a meal before THE meal

​Most people like to skip breakfast when they know a big hearty meal is coming later in the day. All this does is encourage overeating and unnecessary snacking. This is a very bad habit to get into and can become a very negative family tradition.


Set a Budget

If you are responsible for gift buying, meal planning, or booking flights; stick to a predetermined budget! It is very easy to overspend if you don’t have a predetermined plan. Sit down with family and decided how much money should be spent.


Plan activities away from the dinner table

A lot of my families’ traditions involve foods or drinks. Try to plan a few things that are either outdoors or involve walking! A trip to the mall for last minute gift shopping, waking around the local park to look at the lights, or anything else that forces you to get up and walk around is perfect.


Join the Gym

So many people try and join a gym or start an exercise program after New Years. I would suggest, if this is a goal of yours, to start exercising before January 1st. The sooner you can start to make exercise a routine that you follow, the better. If you decide to wait until New years and then try and exercise every day, you will experience burn out.

There are plenty of ways to stay sane and well during the holidays, you just need to find out what works best for you! Hopefully you all have a great holiday season and a very happy new year.

-Ben Eccles 

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