Let’s talk women’s wellness

FriendshipWith MLK Day right behind us and the inauguration right around the corner, America again is in the midst of wondering what might become of our nation’s ideals of freedom and equality. Especially on the front of womanhood.

Now if you’re a guy and reading this, before the terms “women’s rights” or “feminism” scare you away, I just want to remind you that the title of “women” affects your mother, grandmother, sister, girlfriend and daughter. So please don’t clock away from this blog, and instead pay attention to how you can help women take care of themselves.

I don’t want to take a political stand. I don’t want to argue that one party is more right, moral or economic than the other. I just want to point out the importance of women’s wellness and that it should be something that more than just women are worried about. This can be a difficult subject to tackle, but I want to inspire us all to look out for our fellow humans; after all, just about half of the world is female.

Early in medical history, most research was administered on men, which allowed doctors to map out diseases that males suffered from and also find the cures to many of these illnesses. It was assumed during these times that women suffered from these sicknesses in the same way that men did. But as medicine advanced, so did the world’s knowledge of the complexity of the human body. Now the medical field knows that women suffer from many diseases men also suffer from but they also are able to come down with diseases or issues specific to the female body, such as osteoporosis or menopause.

If you’ve kept up with news recently, you may have seen that governmental actions have taken steps toward and against movements to help advance women’s wellness. Threats have been made to Planned Parenthood, a controversial government funded women’s clinic that provides healthcare to women who may not otherwise be able to afford it. On the other hand, some cities and some states have lifted taxes on feminine products, making pads and tampons also more affordable.

It is tough because I don’t want to spray you all with my political views or even my religious ones. But the topic of women’s health seems to equally involve both of those ordeals nowadays. So my point by bringing up the idea of women’s wellness in specificity in this post is that I want us to get to talking about it. KNOW THAT WOMEN’S WELLNESS IS IMPORTANT. Know that issues surrounding women’s health exist. And TALK ABOUT IT.

If we sit around and let the politicians or the priests do all the talking when it involves our fellow females, nothing much will happen with the topic. By discussing and raising awareness that women’s health can be threatened or promoted throughout our communities, isn’t it worth talking about?

So please, be on whichever side of the politics that you wish. I don’t find wellness to be a two-sided street, though. When it comes to wellness of another human being, it is worth taking a stand over. Let’s make 2017 a year for wellness progress, and we can start here, acknowledging the wellness of women.

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