30 Day Water Challenge


I came across this video from Buzzfeed that challenged some of their very own employees to drink the recommended full eight glasses a day. Seems pretty easy right?  At first, I was waiting for there to be some sort of catch that made this challenge difficult, but to my surprise it was simply just drinking 8 glasses a day within 30-day span. This challenge only provided benefits, so I decided to try it out on my own in hopes to see positive results and gain a new healthy habit on my wellness journey!

My history with drinking water was a process that definitely took some time and patience. When I was younger, all I craved was anything loaded with sugar and always found drinking pop or juice as a treat that would only occur during special occasions, which only made me crave unhealthy beverages more. My parents were strict about this rule and made an effort to avoid keeping pop or any sugary drinks within the household. Not being exposed to it as long as I have was what I needed to slowly convert to drinking water, which eventually lead to craving it.

For someone that is already a big fan of water, drinking it wasn’t the difficult part of this challenge. I found myself sipping water constantly throughout the day, whether I was bored or feeling hungry. All this sipping that I wasn’t really noticing added up real quick, resulting in my frequent trips to the bathroom. Being smaller in height at 4’11.5 feet, I wasn’t surprised that my small bladder wasn’t going to respond well with my sudden intake of large amounts of water . It got annoying because the urge would always come out of nowhere and my trips were so close to each other that it disrupted my work flow and concentration on some occasions.

Despite all these discrepancies, the benefits make it all worth it. My skin has shown significant improvement in the clarity and moisture of my face and body. I feel more energized and focused at work, resulting in an increase in productivity. I feel more satisfied for both during and between meals because I have water to fill me up. These are only some of the many reasons as to how water has changed my life that I have physically noticed and seen, but just imagine the wonders it is doing for my body internally.

Your health and wellness journey is going to be a never ending process. So why not challenge yourself by taking part in drinking your recommended eight glasses a day! 

Diana Banzon

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