Dangers of “Diet” Soda


Food labels are unfortunately misleading in what they claim nowadays. We get so swept away and distracted by the bold claims and the packaging that we forget to look at the big picture – is it actually good for you? It our responsibility as consumers to educate ourselves on what we put into our bodies. Here are a bunch of reasons as to why we should steer clear of the word “diet” on soda labels, being fully aware that it only induces the complete opposite.

Higher risk of weight gain

But it’s labeled as diet how can that be?? *said sarcastically* Despite diet sodas having no calories, studies show that it only encourages us to eat more since we assume that we aren’t doing any damage from the lack of liquid calories we are ingesting.

Increased risk of type 2 diabetes

You would think that drinking a diet soda a day has no impact on your health, but it is known to increase risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes by 36%  according to the University of Minnesota study.

Lacks nutritional value

Even though you are not taking in any calories when drinking soda, you aren’t swallowing anything that will be beneficial to your body either. Water will forever reign as the best no-calorie beverage. If you need a fizzy fix, resort to sparkling water!

Increase danger in drinking

Resorting to diet or low calorie drinks as a chase or a mixer with alcohol has be  proven to get you drunk faster. Studies show that the artificial sweeteners found in diet drinks absorb into our bloodstreams quicker than sugar causing this effect. 

Bad to the bone

With osteoporosis being more prominent in women than men, diet drinks were seen to be linked to 4% lower bone mineral density in women’s hips in comparison to those who don’t routinely drink diet soda.

Ruins your smile

Did you know that excessive soda drinking leads to the same amount of tooth erosion as seen in cocaine-users and methamphetamine-users? That alone should get anyone to stop with drinking soda, let alone diet soda!

With all the information that you have now uncovered, let’s stop labels from deceiving us from the truth and start drinking healthier today!


Stay hydrated – the right way,

Diana Banzon


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