The Risks of the Sleepy Slumps


Traveling and midterms week has really been taking a toll on my sleep. Lately I have just been going through a slump where I have been pulling all nighters and disregarding sleep because procrastination got the best of me. Time management is essential for having time to balance both health and being efficient in getting tasks done all day. I like to use this platform to educate myself and keep my health and wellness in check during times that I know I haven’t been staying the most on track at that specific moment on my personal journey. Let this be a motivator to myself and to you all as to why sleep is so essential to living a healthy lifestyle! 

Effects to the Cardiovascular System

Sleep plays a crucial role in healing and repairing the blood vessels and the heart. Without it, it has the capability of affecting your blood sugar, blood pressure, and inflammation levels in a  negative way.

Effects to the Central Nervous System

Chronic insomnia can disrupt how your body receives information. Reacting to said information can come delayed causing a hindrance in productivity. Sleep allows for pathways to form between nerve cells in your brain that assist in absorbing new information.

Weight Gain

Sleep deprivation can encourage overall weight gain and obesity. Leptin and ghrelin, which are two hormones that control feelings of hunger and fullness, decrease due to lack of sleep. Exhaustion leads to lack of motivation when it comes to exercise.
Your body also tends to release higher levels of insulin after eating promoting fat storage and increasing your risk for type 2 diabetes.

Life gets in the way sometimes. Being able to stay motivated during rough times is what is expected throughout any journey – it is not always going to be easy. Now although I have been bad about getting sleep, I finally had the chance to personally rest up and relax during this past fall break. Words can’t describe how excited I am to just burrow myself under the covers – with no distractions!

Rest up,

Diana Banzon


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