When Marquette began its wellness program in 2007, I hoped that it would encourage the health and fitness of all of us who work at the university. From those modest beginnings, however, something more exciting and significant has emerged.

Our wellness program has come to exemplify our deep Jesuit, Catholic commitment to human well-being. Care for the individual person—physical, psychological, spiritual—drives everything we do. Our embrace of wellness has also signaled Marquette’s interest, as a major employer, in the health of Milwaukee and its inhabitants. Our program is of a piece with so much other work that our students, faculty, and staff do every day in the city, through our clinics, student volunteers, and service learning projects. We were honored when the Wellness Council of America honored our program with a Gold Well Workplace Award in 2010, and we plan to do even more.

Here is my personal invitation to you:

Please look through the wellness website, read about others’ experiences, and take the leap yourself. Enroll in a fitness challenge or cooking or exercise class or smoking cessation program or public walk. We are all looking forward to your company!

In peace and health,

John Pauly

Provost, Marquette University

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