Hi everyone! My name is Alicia Diedrich, I am an intern at Marquette University Employee Wellness. I am the face behind the blogs that come to you every Tuesday at 11! I am a senior here at Marquette majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Writing Intensive English. I first started my personal wellness journey back at the end of 2015. You can read about my journey and why I am passionate about wellness in my Wellbeing Biography.

I will tell you a little bit more about myself. I am from Appleton Wisconsin, which is about 2 hours north of Milwaukee. My hobbies include painting, drawing, reading, writing, cooking, doing yoga, playing tennis, biking, hiking, kayaking, and one of my guilty pleasures is binge watching Netflix. I absolutely love dogs, or any animals for that matter, but mostly dogs. My favorite foods are tacos, sushi, and cheesecake. They may not be the healthiest options, but I try to be conscious of my nutrition decisions, and eat them in moderation, that’s why I am here!

I am so excited about all of our plans to bring you some great wellness information for the 2017 fall semester. Follow our blog via email, follow our Twitter page, and like us on Facebook in the right hand column of this page. Also, visit our website for everything wellness related. If you have any great tips and ideas on wellness, we would love to hear from you.

Alicia Diedrich


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