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Time for Spring Cleaning


With the polar vortex coming in full swing this brutal winter, feeling the warmth that spring has to offer is nothing but refreshing! Spring is the perfect time to put your life on reset and go through a purge of everything that is holding you back. Make an effort to make a change during this season of rebirth and reinvent your lifestyle and habits.

Clothing Cleanse

Trying on older clothes and seeing if progress has been made can either be a celebratory moment or might just be the motivation you need to continue hitting the gym twice as hard. Styles come and go – let go of pieces that you no longer use and give it to someone who will actually use it, instead of letting it take up space in your closet. Sustainability will be much appreciated by the environment! 


Refrigerator Reset

Go through your fridge and toss out anything that is expired – or just simply not good for you. Taking out these temptations is the first step to revamping your diet for the better! Everything in moderation is key. If you just so happen to feel an unhealthy craving and have to go out to fulfill it, having that extra time to decide if is it really worth going out of your way to get it is enough to help reconsider your final decision and potentially get you to go against it out of sheer laziness. With the season changing, it is to be expected that what is in season in regards to produce changes too. Hit up your local farmer’s market and venture for what is most ripe this time around!


Exercise Exhaustion

Getting tired of the same old workout routine? Switch it up! With the weather getting warmer, there is no excuse to take your workout outside and soak up the sun! It’ll give you motivation to embrace nature and the warmth that we haven’t seen in a while.


Hygiene Hacks

Products go through a cycle where its effectiveness no longer works as well as it used to when you first started using them. Whether it be shampoo, body wash, face wash, etc., constantly alternate your routine to give your body something new to grow accustomed to. It will give you an opportunity to try out new products that you might end up liking more than what you are already using!


With the new season coming, take this opportunity to freshen up your lifestyle!


Happy Spring!
Diana Banzon


Be Cool for Back the School: Habits to Gain!


With school just around the corner, it is finally time to get your life back into the routine of things! Going from the laziness that summer allowed us to have, to having a jam pack schedule can be overwhelming. The best way to achieve overall productivity is planning tasks ahead and sticking to a structure that works! Here are some habits to nail down in order to balance your health with the craziness that life can throw at us that I plan personally implement into my routine this school year!

Show Up To Class

Sounds easy, right? It’s easy to lose motivation throughout the year but know that trying to catch up to compensate for the time lost will be end up being more difficult to do in the long run because all that content taught simply adds up. You are also paying good more to get a quality education. Colleges come with different price tags, but estimates show that it costs around $140 to attend class. Would you ever willingly throw that money down the drain? I don’t think so. To make this easier on yourself and know that your money is being put to good use, JUST GO, for the sake of yourselves and the faculty that take time out of their day to teach you!

Pack Your Lunch

Having your lunch thoughtfully plan out may seem like work, but it has the potential to save you money , time, and hopefully eat better in the long run. It gives you the ability to customize everything to your liking to avoid tossing out waste. With that being said, “healthy” by no means needs to equivalate being bland and boring. Here are some recipes for you to try to change things up and experiment with what fits your taste best:

Staying Hydrated

Drinking water has the power to do many things, but it becomes a vital tool throughout the school year because it helps with your concentration better than caffeine does. I like to drink water from my Camelback water bottle that holds 32 oz. to help me be accountable for how much I drink and to keep track of it. I try to refill it at least once a day to reach the recommended 8 glasses a day!

Maintain a Sleeping Routine

Procrastination always finds its way to creep on us, leading to disregard our sleep essentially messing up our sleep cycle and schedule as a whole. Going to bed and waking up at the same time helps keep a steady routine that is determined to stick. It keeps all the tasks in your day organized knowing that there will be time for everything if managed correctly. Also, who doesn’t love the satisfaction of being assured that you are going to get a full night’s rest? No more guessing games!

Many college students and faculty fall victim to putting their work first and health second. It doesn’t have to be that way if your habits fall in line of a good routine that is stable and works!

Welcome back,

Diana Banzon




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