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Reasons to Love Love

Couple behind heart shaped balloon

Whether you are single or taken, love is a universal feeling that everyone should feel and express beyond just Valentine’s Day! That magical feeling is enough to do wonders on your mental and physical health that many don’t realize. You only have one life –  why not make it one where you are happy and healthy? It’s a free and priceless gift that you can give to anyone, and feels even better when given back in return. Here are reasons as to why you should always be spreading the love beyond the holiday!

Longer Life, Happy Wife

Studies show that married couples enjoy greater longevity than those who are single. The factors that contribute to this overall statistic doesn’t discriminate to solely just partners, but friends and family too! That caring constant interaction is enough to lower rates of substance abuse, lower blood pressure and less depression than single peers, so surround yourself with people that you love! 


Rates of diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, lung disease, and other chronic ailments are all lower in married people than in unmarried people. Your ultimate cure to lowering the chances of these diseases and spending more time on earth with your soulmate is as easy as finding that special someone. 

So Long, Stress!

The honeymoon phase unfortunately comes to an end, but on the bright side, all of that dopamine starts to interact with another brain chemical called oxytocin that gives you those “warm and fuzzy” feelings for your partner that carries over to your health. Loneliness has the ability to increase inflammation and activate pain centers that eventually lead to anxiety. Cortisol and adrenaline levels rise when people feel insecure and threatened, but all that can be easily fixed with the comfort of a companion.

Cautious about Self Care

Consistent social and emotional support is motivation enough to be held accountable to live a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to that much needed push to work out, or pay a visit to the doctor’s office when there is denial for medical attention, loved ones will always be there to encourage these actions because they care.

Financial Stability

When marriage comes into the picture, financial factors comes into health and how much access you have to it. Being financially stable in the first place is enough to reduce stress and anxiety, since money restraints have the capability of contributing to it. Being in marriage increases your chances of getting health care, which is enough insurance to know that you will be taken care of in any health problems were to arise!

Valentine’s Day is just a day. Extend that love beyond just that. You will be not only be bringing more positivity in this world, but benefit from all the love you will be getting back.


Diana Banzon


Glass A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Home-Tile2-12-16The holiday season is approaching, and there is no better way to accompany your meals than with a nice glass of wine to top it all off. Although implementing alcohol to a healthy diet does have a negative connotation, moderation is key. Cheers to popping open a bottle and celebrating everything that the holiday season has to offer – with all the people whom you love the most!

Immune System Boost

Moderate alcohol consumption has the ability to fight off unwanted infections, keeping your immune system in balance!

Reduced Risk of Stroke

Red wine contains phenols that act as a natural blood thinner, in turn, breaking up any blood clots that could lead to a stroke. There is also resveratrol found in red grape skins that have the potential to protect against stroke when the grapes are turned into wine.

Lowers Cholesterol

Procyanidins found in red wine helps promote a healthy heart that lowers cholesterol. Resveratrol lowers bad cholesterol, while increasing the good cholesterol resulting in the desired cholestol levels that will keep you healthy! 

Reduces Risk of Cancer

The thought of cancer is just scary because studies seem to claim that anything can increase ours risks these days. So when you hear a study that counteracts these claims, why not hop on that bandwagon? The antioxidants found in wine combat free radicals that allow cancer to thrive. Resveratrol not only combats heart disease, but also is known to fight against cancerous cells. It is a practically a win win situation for everyone!

Improves Cognitive Function

Wine is food for the brain! The chemicals found in red wine prevent neurons found in the brain from dying off, improving overall brain function. It protects the brain from dementia and essentially decreases your chances of getting neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Cheers to a new year and long life!

Diana Banzon


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