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A-choose you destiny, not allergies


With the plants budding, the season transitioning – all are fun and games until your allergies act up. It takes away the excitement of being outside and enjoying what the warm weather has to offer. Here are a few ways to help combat allergies and have it not rule your life this summer!

Shut ‘em out!

With the pollen count being so high this time of year, it is best to keep the windows shut – even if it is nice outside. If you find the beauty of the outdoors that tempting, opt for HEPA filter on your air-conditioning system and a flat or panel filter on your furnace if you want to get a feel for the breeze –  without the repercussions.

Scrub up!

Being exposed to the outside  – even for a little – is enough to bring tiny particles that the outdoors has to offer back inside with you. From your clothes, shoes, hair, and skin – make sure to immediately take a shower and and wash away any allergens to prevent any further irritation. 

Mask it up!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. For occasions where avoiding allergens are near to impossible, such as partaking in yard work and vacuuming, a respirator mask might just be your saving grace. Although it isn’t the most stylish, accessory one can rock this summer, it’ll for sure combat those pesky particles from triggering your allergies. It let’s you go about your dreaded chores without any external factors making it worse.

Go au naturale

Keeping your home is clean is the best way to combat indoor allergens. Opting for products that will both clean your house without suffering the consequences of  irritating your nasal passages and aggravating your symptoms is the best way to go about giving your home the spring cleaning it needs just in time for the summer season. Go for natural cleaners such as vinegar or baking soda to get the job done!

Healthy eating

Everything comes back to how you are fueling yourself internally. It all starts from gaining these habits as early as possible. Studies show that children who consume a lot of vegetables, fruits, and nuts had fewer allergy symptoms. Researchers are trying to investigate the link as to why that is the case, but there is no surprise that having the foundation of a healthy diet will be the catalyst to overall wellness.

Don’t let allergens choose your destiny. Take control and enjoy what the upcoming summer season has to offer!


Diana Banzon


Picnic Pick Me Up!


The weather is finally at a point where it is bearable enough to eat outside! So why not take advantage of it by rewarding yourself with a little picnic? There are many ways to go about making the most out of something as simple as eating outside that are beneficial to your health. Here are reasons as to why you should whip out the good ole picnic blanket and basket and take it out for spin this National Picnic Day!

Breath of fresh air

Taking in all that fresh air the outdoors has to offer can be just the mood booster you need to take on the day! Staying crammed all winter long often gets depressing and old. The new change in atmosphere can leave you feeling rejuvenated and can effectively help clear the lungs of those who are suffering with respiratory disorders.

Here comes the sun

There is no better feeling in the world then the sun shining on your skin after a brutal winter that left us all deprived from the warmth. The sun emits vitamin D which helps fight off heart disease, dementia, prostate cancer, and so much more! It also has the power to build stronger bones. It is advised to get at least 10-15 minutes of sunlight daily and to always use sun protection if you decide to stay out longer. There is no need to be afraid of the sun – moderation is key!

Staying active

Picnics are not just for eating. It gives you an opportunity to really take advantage of all the space the outdoor provides that it can be just the playground you need to partake in physical activities. If you decide to get your competitive spirits on, you won’t even feel like you are working out because you are too busy having fun with the company you are with!

Healthy eating habits

Now this one is solely up to the person who is responsible for packing the food in a picnic. But typically, picnics consist of eating fruits, vegetables, and grains. Eating light and fresh will make you feel a lot better if you do choose to partake in physical activities or fuel yourself up with the nutrients after breaking a sweat.


Treat yourself to a little picnic for a little pick me up today! 

Diana Banzon


Time for Spring Cleaning


With the polar vortex coming in full swing this brutal winter, feeling the warmth that spring has to offer is nothing but refreshing! Spring is the perfect time to put your life on reset and go through a purge of everything that is holding you back. Make an effort to make a change during this season of rebirth and reinvent your lifestyle and habits.

Clothing Cleanse

Trying on older clothes and seeing if progress has been made can either be a celebratory moment or might just be the motivation you need to continue hitting the gym twice as hard. Styles come and go – let go of pieces that you no longer use and give it to someone who will actually use it, instead of letting it take up space in your closet. Sustainability will be much appreciated by the environment! 


Refrigerator Reset

Go through your fridge and toss out anything that is expired – or just simply not good for you. Taking out these temptations is the first step to revamping your diet for the better! Everything in moderation is key. If you just so happen to feel an unhealthy craving and have to go out to fulfill it, having that extra time to decide if is it really worth going out of your way to get it is enough to help reconsider your final decision and potentially get you to go against it out of sheer laziness. With the season changing, it is to be expected that what is in season in regards to produce changes too. Hit up your local farmer’s market and venture for what is most ripe this time around!


Exercise Exhaustion

Getting tired of the same old workout routine? Switch it up! With the weather getting warmer, there is no excuse to take your workout outside and soak up the sun! It’ll give you motivation to embrace nature and the warmth that we haven’t seen in a while.


Hygiene Hacks

Products go through a cycle where its effectiveness no longer works as well as it used to when you first started using them. Whether it be shampoo, body wash, face wash, etc., constantly alternate your routine to give your body something new to grow accustomed to. It will give you an opportunity to try out new products that you might end up liking more than what you are already using!


With the new season coming, take this opportunity to freshen up your lifestyle!


Happy Spring!
Diana Banzon


Spring Break Stress Relief


Spring Break is upon us and that can only mean one important thing – a week off dedicated to relaxation and giving yourself some “me-time” that you know has been way long overdue. What better way to make the most out of your upcoming week of de-stressing than to forget about your past worries and find ways to unwind. Take this precious time to freshen and rejuvenate your mind, spirit, and body in order to conquer for a bigger and brighter tomorrow – well, in this case, the following week to come once break comes to an end! 


Who knew finding your inner zen can lead to reduced stress, control in anxiety, promotion in emotional health, enhanced self-awareness, reduction in memory loss, and much more!


While you are in the process of trying to find your “center,” you are also increasing your flexibility and muscle strength, improving respiration and energy, maintaining a balanced metabolism, losing weight, an overall boost in cardio and circulatory health, improvement in athletic performance, along with overall protection from injury.


Writing expressively has been known to improve mood, stress levels symptoms of depression, blood pressure, the function of the lungs and liver, and overall well being. Who knew the simple act of writing was capable of benefiting your health in all these ways? You don’t have to be a professional writer to get started. Just pick up a pen and paper and let your mind run wild! 

Get Creative

There are many ways to unleash your creativity. Whether it be knitting, pottery, painting, etc. – the world is your canvas and the options are endless. It has the ability to improve your mood, reduce anxiety, boosts brain function, prevent disease, and increases immune health. Channeling your inner Picasso has never looked so healthy!

Read a Book

Nothing beats feeling like a child again in having time to unwind to your favorite book. Not only does it let you escape out of reality into your own world, but it has the ability to improve brain functioning which helps with your memory, reduces stress, and improves your critical thought while feeding into your emotional intelligence – which can be useful in many situations!

Warm Bath

Although indulging in a rushed hot shower is nice on daily basis, there is nothing better than dedicating some time to a bath. Your session can go from 15 minutes all the way to an hour long shower – it is all up to you. Your time in the bath in customizable to how you want to spend it – whether that be watching some Netflix, talking to a friend on the phone, listening to relaxing music, or even just reflecting in silence. Whichever way you choose to spend it can result in lowering blood sugar and blood pressure, relieving muscle tension, improves blood circulation, and positive skin benefits. It is the best way to reward yourself at end the night, since it relaxes the body into better preparing it to fall asleep.

Although these are life’s simplest pleasures, we often tend to take these for granted. Use this Spring Break to focus on you. If you feel good, you do good. Prioritize working towards your health and overall wellness today!

Have a fun and safe Spring Break,

Diana Banzon


Brighten your days with balance!

White Blooming Flower Under the Tree during Daytime

Spring time seems to be finally here in Milwaukee! And it is exciting that the weather is finally warming up as the semester is coming to a close. With the end of the semester, I know I have been seeing a lot of stress in everybody on campus. There are so many great ways to relieve stress ranging from healthy eating, to exercise, or to spending time with friends and family.

When people think about dealing with their stress, they often overlook who bonding and spending time with others can work wonders on stress reduction. Spending time with others is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. Taking the time to be social and relax with friends or family can help us take our mind off of the parts of life that are stressing us out the most. I know it’s hard to think about carving out time to spend with the people we love when we have an important deadline at work, or when there are stressful situations going on, but it is so essential to make that time!

Surrounding yourself with positive people during the hardest times keeps us balanced. So many times during my time at Marquette and in my internship roles I have seen my students and colleagues that work too much (myself being one of them). However, as a person who is so passionate about wellness, I think I have done a great job of knowing when the extra work I am doing becomes too much. I have learned my limits the hard way, and since then have made conscious decisions to bring balance to my life. When I am in the middle of a bunch of work and I am extremely stressed out, I allow myself the permission to take a break! During crunch times it may seem impossible to take a break, but trust me, in the end you and your mind will be glad that you chose to have some down time.

Creating balance in our lives is important in everything that we do, but time is so difficult to budget in the modern craze of electronics and social media. This just gives us all the more reason to ensure we make time for those that we love. Spending time with friends and family builds our relationships and creates memories. And there are so many opportunities to spend some great, quality time with others, especially once it has warmed up outside. The warm weather invites us all to get out and go for a hike with our family, or to grill a healthy recipes and hang out in the sun, and in the end, it is the perfect opportunity for us to connect with others, create balance in our lives, and to take some of the stress away.

I encourage all of you to grab your friends and family, and get them all outside enjoying the weather, doing something active, grilling something healthy, and overall creating a balance in your life! Enjoy the last couple weeks of the 2018 spring semester, Marquette!

Alicia Diedrich


Say Hello to Allergy Sneeze-on!

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Warmer weather, longer days, no longer dreading the walk around campus…sounds all appealing right? In exchange for the spring season coming into full blossom, it is normal to expect those pesky allergies that come with the territory. Unfortunately, I am personally dealing with allergies right now, and it definitely is draining every drop of motivation in me. With the unsanitary environment we are constantly exposed to within a college campus, it is also very difficult to determine whether symptoms point to having a cold versus having allergies, since getting sick is so common. Both issues are meant to be treated differently, despite their symptoms being very similar. I am going to share ways on how to decipher whether you are up against allergies or dealing with those dreaded cold symptoms.

First off, it is important to address the obvious differences between how the common cold start, in comparison to how allergies do. The symptoms of a common cold is caused by a virus, versus the allergens tat obviously cause allergies to flare up. According to Laura Schwecherl of the Greatist, symptoms of a runny or stuffy nose along with sneezing is very common among those suffering with a cold and allergies (2012). Fortunately, the differences outweigh the similarities, making it easier to diagnose yourself between a cold and allergies. Usually an obvious indicator that gives away whether it is either one or the other, is the longevity of how it lasts, which can unfortunately blur the lines once the first symptoms come around at first. Colds last a little long than a week, as opposed to allergies that bother people for months. The time of year also plays a significant role, due to colds being more prominent in the cold seasons such as fall and winter, versus allergies that are known to flare up more during the spring time when everything goes into bloom and pollen is notoriously known to be more prominent around then. Since mucus plays an immense part in both symptoms, the different types that are present is another indicator as to what specially the person is dealing with. More of a thicker, yellower mucus is associated with the common cold, in contrast to allergies that deal with more of a watery consistency of snot that leaks uncontrollably every now and then. Both can be easily avoided by growing into the habit of washing your hands since colds are contagious, unlike allergens that can only be avoided indoors by shutting a window and being cautious around pets who often carry it due to constantly having exposure outdoors.

It is unfortunate that sometimes our health becomes the last priority when dealing with such busy schedules. It is important that during these situations, we take time for ourselves. We have the privilege of having one body, so why not take care of it to the best of our abilities? Making sure that our bodies are in the best shape they can be, will only ensure even more productivity within our fast-pace lifestyle!

Diana Banzon

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