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Holiday Health Hacks


Who says Thanksgiving food and festivities have to be exclusive to just that day? I’d like to think that many of the staple meals overlap or are very similar to what you will be expecting to eat for Christmas.

The holiday season is a time that brings the family together – along with those dreaded extra pounds. This season is meant to revolve around the bonding family, but we all know how brutal they can be even though they love you. Make a comeback in the greatest shape of your life this holiday season. Here are a couple ways to cutback, while still indulging on your all your holiday feast this year!

Load up on the veggies first

We tend to eat with our eyes. Start off your meal with piling on the veggies to take up majority of the space on your plate, then proceed by filling up the rest with the more healthy entrees. It will trick your stomach into feeling satisfied with the more healthy food and eating less of the unhealthier options.

Opt for sweet potatoes

Most holiday meals always consist of some form of carbs that always seems to tempt us at the dinner table. Don’t be fooled though, not all carbs are bad. Sweet potatoes are a much better alternative than your tradition potatoes because they have fewer carbs and calories. And are packed with more vitamin A and vitamin C. It also doesn’t require much seasoning because there it naturally packed with so much flavor!

Ditch the bird

Resort to buying the breast instead of the whole bird. It is easier to cut, prepare, and contains less calories than some of the other parts that has dark meat.

Cut the crust

Typically majority of the calories are where you will find majority of the calories, such as the carbohydrates. Cutting out the crust as a whole or resorting to a thinner crust makes a world of the difference calorie wise! You will already be indulging in everything else, if there is a way you can cut corners on the last part of your meal why not!

Come hungry, not starving

Eat a more satisfying snack that you know will fill you up with healthier options before being tempted when reaching the event. It will help you managed your hunger once all the tempting aromas hit you all at one!


Know one is expected to be at their most health conscious. If you just so happen to consider your holiday get togethers as your cheat day, just make some comprises such as hitting the gym twice as hard to compensate for all the damage. But most importantly, take your time to just relax and acknowledge what you are thankful for this season – that’s what the holidays are all about!


Gratitude and giving

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It’s that time of the year. Thanksgiving is just a few days away, the spirit of gratitude and giving is all around us. But there is more to gratitude than just Thanksgiving, November is national gratitude month. How exciting is that?! Not that we should need a day or even a month to dedicate to gratitude and giving, it should be something we practice and integrate into our everyday life. But, I would definitely say that having specific days, months, and movements dedicated towards certain issues helps to shine a much needed light on all of the issues that deserve the attention.

In today’s society, there is so much to be grateful for, yet so much left to be improved. Ironically, this is one reason I am so thankful for blogging and social media. It allows me to help spread gratitude and giving, something I have always been so passionate about. This year I have so much gratitude for all of the wonderful opportunities that Marquette has given me: including this internship with Marquette University Employee Wellness and leading me into my other internship as well. I am grateful for my friends and my family, and so much more. And although I am aware of my gratitude every day, being in the spirit of giving season feels great. I encourage all of us to express gratitude every day of our lives, but to take advantage of the amazing opportunities that arrive during this time of the year.

Every year there is a global movement called Giving Tuesday. There’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday. This is such an amazing movement because the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has decided to match all donations given to nonprofits through Facebook giving tools. This is such a great way to show gratitude for all that life gives us and to pay it forward. So this year, instead of spending all of our money on things we only want, I say we skip Black Friday and Cyber Monday and put that towards Giving Tuesday. Let’s make this world a better place. It only takes a little bit of gratitude, but there are so many ways to make this world a better place. Donating is just one of them, but volunteering your time, or even just sharing and spreading the news goes a long way.

This year, join me in showing gratitude by making a difference in the world in any way that you can. Be grateful for what you have and give what you can. Let the season of giving and thanks make a new impact on you. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving break, and remember, everything in moderation, you can do it!

Alicia Diedrich

The season of eating

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Hi everyone! We’re almost to that time of year again. The time of year when there is delicious food everywhere in sight. The time of year where it is next to impossible to resist eating tons of extra unhealthy food. I am here just as a simple reminder that it is possible to keep to a healthy diet, even during the season of social eating.

Although it is extremely difficult, it can be done! And maybe it doesn’t need to be that difficult. Now, I do like to promote healthy eating and balanced diets, but I also like to add on: everything in moderation. One of the most difficult parts about eating healthy during huge Thanksgiving feasts and holiday parties that would give any buffet a run for their money, is simply just the volume of food there is. It seems next to impossible to not load up your plate full of everything in sight. I would like to offer some advice to make conquering your cravings easier.

This past weekend, my mother and I were discussing what we wanted to do for Thanksgiving dinner. Since we try to eat healthy, we decided the easiest way to do that during the season of eating would be to just cut back on the amount of food we’re making to begin with. If you’re throwing a get together, just simplify your menu. Pick out just a few items for your menu, maybe you decide you need your turkey and mashed potatoes because they are staples to any Thanksgiving dinner! But maybe you decide instead of stuffing, cranberry sauces, green beans filled with fattening ingredients, and three different kind of pies, you opt to make a side salad. Suddenly, you only have a few options to choose from, making eating healthy and choosing good portions a much easier feat, and you have a new found sense of willpower.

Let’s say you’re not hosting, then what? There is food everywhere! And I’m sure we all feel like we have to try at least some of everything. I want to propose that the same advice works here. Simplify your personal menu, choose just a few dishes to put on your plate. I repeat again, everything in moderation. Go ahead and have a piece of pie if you want it, but then make sure you skip on the thousands of other desserts that are there. Eating healthy during the holidays doesn’t have to be depressing. In the end, when you make a healthy choice about your eating habits, you’ll feel better physically and mentally. I don’t know about you, but when I eat too much in one sitting and your stomach hurts from all the food, you end up regretting it almost immediately .

So, although it may seem incredibly difficult to eat healthier during the holidays, I want to assure you it’s easier than we make it out to be. Give yourself some credit and realize that you have the power and the option to overcome your cravings and to make good decisions for your body. In the end, you will be happier and healthier. I will leave you this week with a challenge for us all, to take control of our bodies and test out that willpower that we all have deep within us. Have a great week Marquette, I’ll talk to you next week!

Alicia Diedrich

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